Aakash Chopra believes Indian players will not appear in CSA league despite IPL connection
Aakash Chopra believes Indian players will not appear in CSA league despite IPL connection

Aakash Chopra believes Indian players will not appear in CSA league despite IPL connection

Former batsman Aakash Chopra believes that the contracted Indian players will not appear in the future T20 league of Cricket South Africa (CSA), despite the prominent IPL connection.

In a rather bizarre evolution, the offers for all six teams in the T20 league of CSA were won by the owners of the IPL franchise.

Reliance Industries Limited, Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited, Royals Sports Group, JSW Sports, Sun TV and RPSG Sports Private Limited are the six IPL franchise owners that have won the auctions.

Following the revelation, fans wondered if Indian players who are currently contracted with BCCI will be allowed to appear in Proteas’ T20 competition.

Chopra doesn’t believe that. In a question and answer session on his YouTube channel, he said while answering a question on this topic:

“All six CSA franchises are owned by Indians, but I personally feel that BCCI will not allow this. They will not let the contracted players leave. It is understandable. Why should BCCI grant allowances for cricket in South Africa?”

Chopra added:

“If BCCI begins to allow players to participate in foreign leagues, franchises could require players to become freelancers, who can play for themselves for 5-6 months in various leagues they own in addition to IPL.”

Among the six owners of the CSA T20 franchise, Reliance Industries Limited owns Mumbai Indians, IPL’s most successful team, while Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd., as the name suggests, owns the CSK franchise.

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“Plan according to ICC events” – Chopra on whether young people should have more chances after the T20 World Cup

During the question and answer session, Chopra was also asked if India should start preparing the youngsters for the next T20 World Cup after the end of this year’s edition in Australia.

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The 44-year-old replied that it all depends on the thinking process of the team and the coaches. He explained:

“You have to plan according to the events of the ICC. After the T20 World Cup, if you want to move away from seniors, you might want to start trying now, because the next T20 World Cup is in 2024. Because most of them (in the next team for the World Cup) will be young, so you might want to go for it. “

“If I were India, I would continue to insist with him, because I know the advantage.” Ricky Ponting believes that India should persist with Virat Kohli in their T20I team.#TheICCReviewbit.ly/3S0VbG2

India’s first two T20I batsmen, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, are 35 and 33, respectively. It remains to be seen how long the focus group will persist with them after this year’s 20-year-old World Cup in Australia.

Edited by Arjun Panchadar