A prayer for school leaders
A prayer for school leaders

A prayer for school leaders

As I sit and look at my final days of summer vacation, I think about the school administrators and leaders who have already returned to it in full force (if they ever get to retire).

Our school leaders are increasingly important to me as a teacher as my understanding of their roles grows. Their decisions have the power to allow me to do my job the way I want to do it or make it harder to do it. The culture they create makes my work environment great or less than great. The more my own understanding grows, the more I see that they are simply wonderful people who are faced, every day, with 1,800 decisions, most of which do not have a clear “right” answer, and some of which do not have any at all. a good answer.

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So as I begin to pray for the beginning of our school year, for my own teacher and the teachers my girls will have, I try to intentionally pray for our school leaders as well.

To school leaders/administrators:

You are so important and so appreciated. Even when we don’t agree 100 percent, or when we don’t know all the pieces and can’t even understand, we appreciate that you’re there, guiding us. This year I pray that you feel and remember our appreciation even in the moments when we don’t remember to say or show it.

You are so strong and so determined to help make the best things happen. I know the job is not easy. I know that criticism is felt even when it’s not said and it’s hard. I pray that your heart will be patient and confident enough to go in the right direction against all odds. I hope you remember to lean on God and those around you when you need it and don’t let your head get in the way and make you take “work stuff” too personally. I pray that you will remember your worth, your greatness, and your purpose.

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You are a person. They are alone. You have feelings and family and health to consider. Somehow, even though we know this, it’s easy for us to forget that you’re human. I pray you stay healthy so it’s a little easier to introduce us. I pray for your family too—that they may be healthy and have success and consistency in their world so that your world may run smoothly. When you have to quit your job to take care of your family or yourself – and it will happen – I pray that you will be able to do so without any guilt or guilt trip.

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You are skilled and wise. There is so much information that you are aware of, for better or for worse, and you have to decide what to do with it all. There are a million decisions every day – perhaps every moment – ​​that you can make. This is exhausting. I pray that you can focus on fighting the right battles and let the wrong ones go. That you can see what things are worth your alone time and what things you need to delegate. I pray that you recognize when you need to take a minute and then come back ready to go full steam ahead. And after those long days of decisions, I pray you can sleep well at night. You will have done your best, given your all, and I hope you can find peace in those moments.

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You are able to lead us through difficult things.

It could be dangerous times. They might even be sad. There will be kids who have tough roads to walk and teachers who desperately need help but aren’t even sure what to ask. I pray for a peaceful year for all of us and a safe one for our school and families. But I also pray that in difficult times, when we desperately need your guidance, that you can find the strength to help us and lead us calmly and sanely and in a godly direction.

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You are passionate about children and education. In the days when you go through meeting after meeting, make tough decisions, deliver announcements that are met with groans, and send emails that you know are being read with gritted teeth, I pray that you can remember your passion. On the hardest days, you can find a minute to bond with a child, talk to a colleague, and remember all the reasons you’re here in the first place. I pray that they push you.

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You’re not alone. Oh, I know it feels that way sometimes. No one can truly understand every scenario you find yourself in and all its possible consequences. It’s a big deal. . . but that’s what you’re here for. God understands, so please remember to talk to Him about every little thing and lean on Him for everything. And support your people too. There are so many of us who are here or will try to be here. Whether we know all the pieces or just need to know our piece; whether we understand or are just willing to admit we can’t imagine – we’ll gladly help share the load in any way we can.

We see you and are grateful that you are here, loving the children, with us.

May you always remember that you were placed here for such a time as this—and I am grateful that you were.

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Katie Moreland

Katie Moreland is a wife, mother, teacher, sister, daughter and friend. Blessed to live and teach in the small Mid-Missouri town where she grew up, she enjoys life and does her best to draw closer to God and help her family do the same.