A conversation with Michael Behe
A conversation with Michael Behe

A conversation with Michael Behe

In our cover story, Lehigh University Biochemist Michael Behe ​​took us inside a secret meeting that questioned the sacred of secular science – the theory of evolution. I asked Behe ​​what has happened since 1996, when he caused controversy in secular circles with his book. Darwin’s Black BoxThe scientific understatement of Darwin’s theory:

Since then The Black BoxWe have seen intelligent design advocates systematically silenced. Any good news on that front? We can divide the news since then into depressing and terrifying. The disappointing news is, the scientific community is still unabashedly opposed to intelligent design. The shocking news is that, as real science advances rapidly, the case for intelligent design is getting stronger while Darwin’s case is getting weaker (if that’s even possible). That’s exactly what you expect to see when your theory is right – new results confirm it.

Inside The Black Box, you coined the term “irreducible complexity” to describe biological processes that cannot function without a minimal number of components, and therefore do not “emerge” from simpler processes. What is the most creative response to your proposal? The most common answer is to ask my nephew. The most serious answer is to turn the question to the future: Give us more time, they wrote. But, of course, it is now more than 25 years old, and a total of zero of the examples in the book are explained in a Darwinian way.

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What new areas of research research show the most promise for advancing intelligent design theory? In biology, they are pretty much all of them. The cell has more beautiful machines than was imagined a decade ago. It has very sophisticated control systems, it does many things that no one would ever suspect. Another such study has just been published. Researchers have been able to film the molecular machinery that controls DNA strands during cell reproduction. On the other hand, pretty much every new study that has addressed how natural selection has helped species survive has found that the underlying mutation broke down the genes that already existed. That is de-volution, not e-volution.

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Tell us about your faith and your family. My grandparents both worked for the railroad in Altoona. My father joined the Navy right out of high school during World War II. He was the first in his family to go to college, on the GI Bill. I was born in 1952 and I came from a big Catholic family and I went to religious school. I always feel at a loss when other Christians ask me to share my conversion story since I don’t have one! I was blessed to have faith taught to me by my parents, and I have never doubted its truth. My wife and I decided to continue the tradition in our large Catholic family. Like all families, we have had our ups and downs, but God has blessed us generously.

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What kinds of hobbies or sports can we get you to enjoy on the weekends? I am the proverbial couch potato. I love to watch football and cheer for the Philadelphia Eagles. Much of my wife and I’s time is spent with family with one or more of our nine children, all of whom live in the area.

If you could take a year off to study one subject outside of your business, what would it be? I always wanted to learn carpentry, to work with my hands making things. I am one of the least helpful guys you will ever meet. If I had a free year, I think I would teach myself a particular patient carpentry.

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