7 tips for playing Tower of Fantasy for beginners
7 tips for playing Tower of Fantasy for beginners

7 tips for playing Tower of Fantasy for beginners

RPG games are different from other games. We are asked to do buildbe it character, article and others as possible.

With build right, later it will help us to solve stagestage which exists. And also this is to be avoided stuck.

Well, including Tower of Fantasy, in this MMORPG game there are also tips that can be followed. Especially for new players who are in early game.

For those who want to know, here I will discuss these tips. Here’s the full discussion.

Tips for playing Tower of Fantasy for beginners

Every RPG game has similarities in terms of build. Examples of DPS characters, support, reservoir and others that we can customize.

It’s just that the stats in the game can be different, and sometimes the needs can be different depending on the existing meta.

For the explanation here, I’m focusing on new players so they don’t get too confused about what to do to avoid making a wrong move.

1. Complete all main story

Full main story

In Tower of Fantasy, we have to complete the main story or the main story of the game. Going further story game, there will be more and more open features in the game.

Story this in itself isregion. As one region you have completed, later you need to continue region next.

This is special the main story
only. For secondary story it is not mandatory. Especially the further away it is the main story,
rewards from secondary story it will feel less.

2. Complete all daily quests

Harian Fantasy Tower Quest

Every day will be given to us search daily to do. Well, don’t forget to finish them all search the daily.

Through search
daily, we will get a lot of EXP that will help to level up faster.

In addition, there are also various types of rewards which can be obtained later.

3. Character leveling

The same as the main story, character level is also very influential on game features. The higher the character level, the more features will be unlocked.

So remember to stay focused SMOOTHING character at max. Besides the main story, secondary search Exploring the map is also highly recommended to gain EXP.

If there is event Double EXP, don’t forget to max.

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4. Find good equipment

Cari Equipment di Tower of Fantasy

One of the items that affects your HP the most in Tower of Fantasy is equipment. The bigger the equipment, the better the effect on the character.

It is recommended to look for good equipment. Minimum color purple (SR) or equipment orange (SSR).

The gear itself can be searched for in several ways that have been provided by Tower of Fantasy. Every day we can enter this mode.

5. Priority character upgrade

In Tower of Fantasy we can get different types of characters be it regular characters, SR characters and SSR characters.

Well, here we have to upgrade the character according to the priority. Or rather 3 characters that are commonly used, not all of them.

This is not without reason, because resource raising this character is quite difficult to obtain.

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6. Track every event

Every few weeks, Tower of Fantasy always offers event which all players can follow without exception.

Well, you are advised not to miss out eventevent which exists, because usually Reward that can be obtained varies.

For announcements event
itself can be seen directly in the game or on the official Tower of Fantasy social page.

7. Diligent grinding

Complete the Fantasy Tower Map

Finally, if you want to always have progress in your account, you need to be diligent about doing so grinding. For example, searching for boxes on the map, defeating existing monsters and others.

With grinding
which, later, we will be able to obtain reward-reward which can serve to increase the character’s CP. Well, it’s material equipment as well as others.

If possible, it is recommended to complete all of them progress existing maps. You can check progress through the map menu.

The last word

These are the tips that can be made for Tower of Fantasy players. Especially for those who are new to the game.

I made these tips based on my own experience. Incidentally, I’ve been playing the game since it was released globally.

If you want to ask anything else, send it through the comment column.

It may be useful.