4 ways to get business capital from experienced business people, UNLOCKED ..!!!
4 ways to get business capital from experienced business people, UNLOCKED ..!!!

4 ways to get business capital from experienced business people, UNLOCKED ..!!!

How to get venture capital it can be done with various options depending on your current state. Seeking unsecured business capital can be through banking or from relatives and family. However, this factor is not easy because there are criteria that must be met.

Business capital is really the most important factor when we want to build or grow a business. Although many people say that a business does not need to use monetary capital, the truth is that the average entrepreneur can be successful because of capital.

You should know that actually getting business capital today is not as difficult as it was a few years ago. Nowadays, there are many ways to get business capital that can be pursued by all business people from various sources.

How to get venture capital

Here’s how to find unsecured or secured business capital based on the experience of entrepreneurs. Please adjust it to your current condition.

  1. Business capital loan from banks with collateral

Borrowing money from a bank for business capital is a very common practice for all entrepreneurs. The Bank usually offers loans with a guarantee, which you know as Credit Multi-Use (KMG).

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The collateral for the loan is the client’s assets, both motor vehicles and property. The interest on capital loans from the Bank is quite high, which is between 9% – 12% with payment terms ranging from 5 years to 20 years, depending on the size of the approved capital loan.

For Small and Medium Enterprises, the Bank has a Credit program for Popular Businesses. But for business people who do not belong to the SME group, the loan option is usually Credit Multi-Use (KMG).

  1. Business capital loans from unsecured banks

Apart from secured cash loans, the Bank also has the convenience of unsecured loans (KTA). This type of loan is quite attractive for all capital seekers because they do not have to provide any collateral for the bank.

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Unfortunately, this KTA loan has a higher interest rate than KMG. The KTA interest rate is 10% – 23%, depending on how big the loan is and the payment term. Learn the technique of borrowing money from an unsecured bank and the criteria.

For entrepreneurs who want to raise capital using the KTA technique, it is highly recommended to take a shorter tranche. It seems that the installments are heavier, but the total amount of payments will be much less than taking a long period of installments.

  1. How to get business capital by saving

Seeking business capital in Islam does not allow usury, so lending money at interest will be avoided by most Muslims. The savings option is indeed best suited for those who do not like to be in debt and do not like to incur interest.

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In addition to being easy to do, you won’t feel the risk of defaulting if you go into debt, which can have a negative impact on your entire business. Saving and raising capital in a business will indeed take longer. However, in the long run, it will make you feel calmer.

  1. How to get venture capital by selling assets and valuables

Many times you have to sacrifice something valuable for a better dream in the future. One of them is when we sell goods or securities to obtain business capital. Some of these assets and values ​​are for example;

  • store unused
  • jewelry
  • motor vehicle
  • electronic goods
  • good used clothes
  • etc.

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