4 ways to check axis elevation easily and practically, latest 2022
4 ways to check axis elevation easily and practically, latest 2022

4 ways to check axis elevation easily and practically, latest 2022

BantenDay.co.id – There are many telecom providers that can be used today, which is clearly to the advantage of consumers as they can choose the best one. One of them is AXIS which has now merged with PT XL Axiata tbk. Among all types of SIM cards, how to check AXIS elevation is the most wanted. The reason is that some users are still confused about where to see the share.

Although many providers are currently developing Wi-Fi networks for home Internet connections. However, the existence of the SIM card network is still widely used. This is reasonable because Wi-Fi is only used for home use, while the SIM card can be carried everywhere, i.e. portable.

For this reason, many people still persist in using a SIM card as their internet network, one of which is AXIS. Portable gem, AXIS also offers many bonuses and cheap packages. This is why there are still many who use cards that are famous for funny ads, one of which you must already be familiar with the slogan WARBYAZAH.

How to check AXIS elevation

AXIS rate check is actually no different from other cards, you can use the app as well as without the app. Some people prefer to use the app because it is simpler and has other features like credit check, active period, direct purchases, etc. However, there are still some who want to know how to check Axis quota without an app as an alternative.

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On this occasion, we have tried various ways through which you can check the remaining quota, credit and also the active period. Whether it is with the app or without the app. Later you can judge for yourself how the method suits you and is more effective.

How to Check Axis Quota with AXISNet App

Okay, let’s first discuss how to check quota using the app. Please note that this method can only be done with a smartphone device. So if you still wear old school cell phone If there is no Android or iOS version yet, please skip this method.

  1. Go to Google Playstore.
  2. Enter the keyword “AXISNet” in the search field.
  3. If you found it, install the app and wait for it to finish.
  4. Then open the AXISNet application.
  5. Login with the number you want to check your remaining quota if this is your first time using this app from AXIS.
  6. On the main page, all information about the card is listed, starting from the card number, credit, active period, etc.
  7. To view quota details, click ‘details’ next to the remaining quota.

How to check AXIS quota and credit without an app

Your phone memory is low so you can’t use the above app? Maybe you’re using an old cell phone that doesn’t include a smartphone? Don’t worry, you can still check your Axis quota without the app, which we’ll share below!

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1. Quick way to check quota via SMS

The first step is that you can use the SMS service, which is certainly available on all types of mobile phones, whether it is a smartphone or an ordinary one. This method is the most used in addition to using the app. The reason, because it is easy and without the need for an internet connection. You just need to know the number of the service you want, then send it with the provided message format.

  • Open a messaging service on your phone (regular messaging, not online messaging like Whatsapp ETC).
  • In the text field, enter “share” (no mistake).
  • Then fill in the recipient with the number “123“.
  • After that, press submit and wait for an SMS response from the Axis provider regarding the remaining quota information.

2. Check the quota with the dialing code

The next method is also widely used in addition to using SMS, namely by calling code. Every mobile phone must have a telephone (dial) service. This means you can check your axle ratio without additional apps. Here are the complete steps!

  1. Open the telephone service.
  2. Dialing code *123# and make a call, then select 7 and continue to select 3 again. You can also make calls directly with the dialing code *123*7*3#.
  3. Select the menu “My information” and continue by selecting “Check the package quota“.
  4. Choose which package you are currently using as there are many options for checking the quota package listed there.
  5. Wait for an SMS from the supplier informing you about the remaining quota and some important information.

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3. How to Check Axis Quota with Website

The above three methods are actually sufficient as a way to check the Axis quota. But it doesn’t hurt to know the last way, which is to use the site. Maybe one day it can be useful if the app or other method has problems.

  1. Open the browser on your computer or Android phone.
  2. Go to the link https://my.axisnet.id.
  3. Log in using the number you want to check your remaining quota.
  4. Look at the main page that informs everything related to the number, including the remaining quota.

Closing and suggestions

How, it’s easy, isn’t it? There are certainly no important questions to ask. Out of all the ways to check Axis Quota above, BantenDay.co.id suggests using the SMS or Call Code method. Besides being easy and fast, you don’t need an internet connection to do it.