3 best launcher apps for Android that are really easy
3 best launcher apps for Android that are really easy

3 best launcher apps for Android that are really easy

AndroidCoeg.com – For those of you who have been using Smartphones for a long time, you will surely get bored with the old look. This is commonly felt by some people as Android smartphone users. This saturation makes you always switch your phone’s base display. Well, now you don’t have to bother looking for a standard display option, that’s all. Google Play offered more best launcher app for android which you can download for free.

The best launcher app for android which is really easy

Apex Launcher Android

Download Apex Launcher APK
Apex Launcher APK

Many Android smartphone users are familiar with this app. This Android Apex launcher has been on the Google Play Store for quite some time. This is what makes many people know about this app and use it.

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In this app, there are many android screen themes that you can use. You can download this app in two versions namely free version and pro (paid) version. If you want an optimal implementation of the theme, you can download it using the Pro or paid version.

But downloading the free version is no less cool. The features available in this app are the availability of many transition effects that you can choose as you like.

Then this app is also equipped with gestures like pinch, swipe up and down or double tap, you can also enjoy home screen movement in this app.

Nova Launcher

Download Nova Launcher APK
Nova Launcher APK

If you download and install cool android launcher app In this case, you will find the background icon of the application. With which you can arrange the icons on the Smartphone according to your taste, both from the location, the scale and so on.

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Not only that, you can also choose many themes that have been provided in the Nova Launcher library. Nova Launcher offers features such as the ability to adjust the icon size as you wish.

It has many home page and app drawer transition effects that you can enjoy, hide apps, support Ok Google and you can backup or restore settings and data.

Google Now Launcher

Download Google Now Launcher APK
Google Now Launcher APK

For those of you who already have this Launcher app, you must have felt the best and cool features of Google Play Store. The display you have seems even more alive. Well, take a look at some of the features of this Launcher app. This app also supports voice “Ok Google” to help you find information.

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There is a quick search function for products made by Google, such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps. Google Now Launcher also offers a box for the Google search engine located on the home screen.

Besides this The best Launcher app for Android This can also set the wallpaper with a wider viewing area.

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Ah, with a number of lightweight android launcher app above, you can feel the sensation of having a display Home screen like a new smartphone right?