20 ways to transfer from BCA to Jenius 2022 account
20 ways to transfer from BCA to Jenius 2022 account

20 ways to transfer from BCA to Jenius 2022 account

How to transfer from BCA to Jenius account – Jenius is one of the m-banking launched by Bank Indonesia, genius allows you to perform various financial activities such as trading, saving or managing other finances.

You can operate Jenius via HP or desktop. Using genius banking, you can withdraw money 25 times from the bank every month. Not only withdrawals, but you can also transfer to other accounts 25 times every month.

Advantages and disadvantages of genius

There are many advantages that genius banks have that are an attraction for the customers of this bank. Some of the brilliant bank advantages you can have:

1. Free bank commission

In the case of transactions and savings using genius, you will not be charged bank fees. Not only that, if you make a starter package, close the account, the amount of the initial deposit, up to the minimum balance, you will not be charged any fee.

2. Supplement for free withdrawal and transfer fees

Indeed, you can withdraw or transfer cash to any bank in Indonesia. However, can free withdrawals or transfers work in all banks? Probably not, because every bank has different policies. Using genius, you are free of administration fees when you make online or cash withdrawals or transfers.

Jenius allows you to make withdrawals and transfers 25 times per month.

3. Can be used in all payment methods

Using Genius you can take advantage of all kinds of third-party applications to make withdrawals or transfers. You can also get a card from a genius that you can use as an ATM debit card in general.

4. Easy operation and multi-functional

Using genius, you just need to manage your financial activities through your smartphone, without having to make calls here and there. It’s the same with banks in general, if you lose your genius card, then you can block it temporarily or permanently.

5. Many promotions and offers

Leading up to the big day, many banks usually have promotions or prizes with a lottery system. Unlike the case of genie, the promotions and prizes awarded do not depend on the big day, usually genies will organize massive promotions for their customers.

6. Have an electronic ATM

Jenius also offers an electronic ATM or E-card, you can use this online card for online shopping or other transactions.

7. Have savings in foreign currency

Jenius has many types of currency savings, such as USD, SGD, JPY, GBP, AUD, HKD and EUR, with this you can save foreign money at Genius. In addition to saving, you can also buy and sell currency in the genius app.

8. Have Flexi Cash Online Loans

If you are a lucky customer, you can get a Flexi Cash online loan, the funds stored in the Flexi Cash online loan can reach Rp 50 million.

9. There is a QR code payment facility

You can use the QR Code Payment Facility to transact at different types of banks, the method is very easy, just scan the QR code from where you shop.

10. Monitor of expenses

You can make plans or expense records every month automatically in the genius app.

Disadvantages of Jenius Bank

In addition to the fact that it has many advantages, genius also has some disadvantages, namely:

1. Admin charges IDR 10,000 per month

The administrative costs at genius banking are quite high every month. This fee will be charged after the second month of brilliant usage, the beginning of the second and first month is not subject to administration fees.

This is what makes Genius lose its competitiveness with other banks.

2. The application is slow

Many customers complain that the Genius app is running slowly. This is unchanged from 2017 to 2022.

The number of menus in the app can be the main cause of the genius app being slow, sometimes it takes so long to load, the genius app quits itself.

3. CS response is sometimes interrupted

Genius’s CS service is also unsatisfactory, many times when you check customer complaints, the response is slow and tends to give up. This is caused by several factors such as heavy and slow application.

4. The promotion is not transparent

Although many promotions are offered even every day, actually the promotion system of Genius is not very transparent. The lottery and selection process is very closed, customers only know after there is a winner decision.

Then how to transfer from BCA to genius? May? Can! You can transfer to genius from any bank.

How to register an account with Jenius Bank

Before making a transfer from BCA mobile, you must register a genius account with BCA Bank as follows:

  • Open the browser you are using
  • On your page type “Bank BCA”
  • On the main page, enter your m-BCA User ID and PIN and click “Login”, try to enter the m-BCA User ID and PIN correctly so that they are not blocked.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, click on “Transfer Funds”
  • Click on “Register Destination Account”
  • Click on “Other Banks”
  • And select “Submit”
  • Enter the brilliant code you have and click “Save”

How to transfer from BCA to Jenius account

Here are the steps you can follow to transfer from BCA to genius

1. How to transfer from BCA to genius

  • Enter the main menu of the genie
  • Click on “Transfer to another national bank”
  • Select the destination bank you registered earlier.
  • Click on “ONLINE” Transfer Service
  • Set the amount of money you are transferring
  • Enter your BCA token and password
  • Click “Apply 2”
  • Enter an 8-digit number from the BCA
  • A 6 digit number will be given, enter the number in “Respon Key BCA apply” then click on “Continue”
  • On the next page, click on “Fund Transfer – Transfer to another domestic bank account”
  • Click “Apply 1” in the symbol
  • A 6 digit number will be given, enter the number in ‘Respon Key BCA apply’ then click ‘Submit’.
  • Completed

2. How to transfer from mobile BCA to Jenius Account

  • First, log in to your m-BCA account
  • On the dashboard select the “Transfer” menu.
  • Click on “Interbank”
  • Dial the interbank code “213”
  • Click on Genius Account
  • Set the amount of money you want to send
  • Enter m-BCA PIN and click “OK”
  • Done, check your Jenius account on your phone

3. How to transfer from the BCA ATM to the Jenius account

  • The first step is to carry out the general withdrawal procedure at the bank, insert the ATM into the machine and carefully enter the BCA PIN so as not to be blocked.
  • Press the “Transfer” menu.
  • Press the “Transfer to another bank” menu.
  • Enter the BTPN or genius code
  • Enter your Jenius BTPN account, which is 11 digits long
  • Set the amount of money you want to send
  • Press “Transfer”
  • Completed.

How much is the latest BCA to Jenius transfer fee?

  • From the BCA ATM network the transfer fee is IDR 6,500,000
  • From PRIMA Network the transfer fee is Rp. 6,500.00
  • From Cirrus Network, transfer fee is N/A

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The convenience of genius makes people fight to register with the bank.

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