15 qualities of a wise entrepreneur
15 qualities of a wise entrepreneur

15 qualities of a wise entrepreneur

Catatanpanda.com 15 qualities of a wise entrepreneur. Wise entrepreneurs are not only people who have a high IQ (Index of Intelligence), but also have many other special features and qualities.

Speaker, author and psychologist Sherrie Campbell says: “IQ is a fixed measure of time, and the essence of wisdom is self-awareness and intelligence.

In addition to experience and wisdom, a sage is a person who is always ready to “fight” and knows how to handle problems skillfully.

15 qualities of a wise entrepreneur

According to Sherrie Campbell, wisdom is a combination of many of the following personality traits / qualities that every entrepreneur can train to accumulate:

1. Trust your intuition

Wise entrepreneurs do not only rely on superficial facts, but also know how to listen and follow intuition.

Intuition helps them recognize the motivations of others so that they can make informed decisions in selecting partners, projects, and potential clients.

2. Capable of self-awareness

A wise person always understands his position and behavioral tendencies in all situations. They are aware of their strengths, weaknesses, value systems and beliefs. Because they know that the more aware you are of yourself, the easier it is to understand others.

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3. Learn from experience

Wise entrepreneurs do not rely on the past, but always look back to promote right thinking or to learn from wrong decisions.

4. Creativity

Wise entrepreneurs are never satisfied with a certain level of development of their product / service, as well as their and their business.

They always welcome new ideas and the desire to change and improve work efficiency. Wise entrepreneurs have always believed that getting out of their comfort zone is a must for success.

5. Open your mind

The wise entrepreneur sees his mind as an umbrella, which means it works best outdoors.

When they need to solve a problem, they are willing to listen to different points of view, thus formulating an action strategy in a new and effective way.

6. Speed

Rapid recognition of opportunities that must be seized immediately is the power of a wise entrepreneur. Delay and missed opportunities are not their habit.

7. Manage yourself well in any situation

It has a wide network of relationships, whenever any kind of resources are needed (information, staff, training programs).

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A wise entrepreneur always knows the right “address” to find him. Therefore, they are always looking for the optimal solution to achieve the goal.

8. Independent

Blindly trusting the opinions of experts is not a habit of a wise entrepreneur. They always ask deeper questions to find their own “truth” and, based on it, to develop new strategies.

9. Eager to learn

Wise entrepreneurs maximize their mind’s ability to work by learning continuously.

They often collect information from various sources, such as books, newspapers, magazines … to enrich their knowledge and skills.

For them, learning is not too difficult or boring, on the contrary, it is always useful and interesting.

10. Look at a simple problem

Never taking things too seriously is the hallmark of a wise entrepreneur. They even have the ability to find the funny side of problems.

To make them feel happy and comfortable in the process of finding solutions. So, they succeed easily and are always satisfied with life.

11. He likes to take risks

Wise entrepreneurs are always ready to try new things, because they always remember that even if the results are not as expected, past experiences will still be useful in some respects.

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In the process of doing business, wise entrepreneurs often take risks to do things that many fear. And their carelessness will often pay off.

12. Believe in yourself

Without the help of others in making decisions, smart entrepreneurs always know who they are and have confidence in themselves. They do not want, do not wait for change, but act to create change.

13. Write down your goals on paper

Writing is the first step in achieving the goals, visions and dreams of smart entrepreneurs.

14. I tend to share

Wise entrepreneurs are always “generous” by sharing knowledge, information and secrets of success with others. There are always passionate mentors who aim to help others become better. Through the exchange process, their knowledge and skills continue to grow.

15. Always update yourself

The status quo or stagnation is an unacceptable problem for a wise entrepreneur. They aspire to grow and are always ready to change their image, brand, logo, company name, operational orientation, etc., if needed.