14 ways to change WhatsApp number without deleting accounts and chats
14 ways to change WhatsApp number without deleting accounts and chats

14 ways to change WhatsApp number without deleting accounts and chats

How to change WhatsApp number without deleting account and chat

How to change WhatsApp number without deleting account and chat – When was the last time you used your phone or smartphone to send a message? It is found that 97% of the world’s population has sent an SMS at least once in their life. With the average person sending up to 14 text messages a day or more, directly from their phone or via chat apps.

Additionally, 75% of mobile users prefer instant messaging apps for communication over more traditional modes of communication such as email. So it is no exaggeration to say that chat-based instant messaging is indeed taking over the industry and will continue to improve.

So, it is no wonder that today’s world is very global with the digital age, all the developments of the world are nothing but super-sophisticated, fast, efficient and appropriate technology. It seems that IT needs are growing rapidly, starting with digital in the form of software and hardware. As the latest app with various types of categories. Especially messaging apps as a source of communication between people.

With this digital, what we know is that gadgets have many functions and benefits. Many aspects of needs are satisfied, life becomes easier and more practical. Did you know that there are many WhatsApp users in Indonesia. On average, each group downloads or installs the app.

WhatsApp features

WhatsApp as we know it is one of the online means of communication for exchanging messages and the surprising fact is that Whatsapp currently has a user base of 1.2 billion. The online messaging app, WhatsApp or many call it WA, makes it sound shorter. It has many main features that are very interesting, among which were recently available:

1. Online and last seen

This feature is where users who install this app can see the online status of their friends when they open a chat conversation. This feature actually already exists and exists in several other messaging apps, but WhatsApp users can modify this feature as well. It’s like hiding the last time so that other users don’t know when was the last time your friends’ WhatsApp was opened.

2. Condition

Now we are spoiled with this status sharing feature. Where friends can share experiences or impulse with other users and WhatsApp users have access to change or set status. We can choose whether we want to share our status with anyone and we can also hide our status from other people we reach out to.

Some of the factors mentioned above are really interesting, aren’t they. This is a strong reason why so many people use WhatsApp, namely as a tool to communicate or exchange messages remotely without using credit. Yes, but make sure you also have an internet quota.

Don’t forget that recently WhatsApp kept updating its newly launched features, yes WhatsApp also added a feature where users can delete the messages that have been sent. Titled “Delete for Everyone”

3. Deletion for everyone

One of these features is very useful if, for example, friends send the wrong message to the wrong person, or perhaps the content of the message is wrong. In addition to WhatsApp, it has included a lot of great working features for its users. Apart from that, many features have also been updated.

As we know, to be able to use WhatsApp, we need to enter a phone number to go through the initial registration process. Maybe some WhatsApp users want to change numbers. Maybe some people don’t know how to replace the old number with a new number without having to delete the account.

In fact, there is a practical secret. The many special and useful features that have been added to WhatsApp you can change your old number without having to bother with changing accounts or deleting chats stored on your smart device.

This feature will later help you transfer information to other WhatsApp account users. It’s purpose is to let you know that you’ve changed a new number, very sophisticated isn’t it. So you can still keep your old account, which may already contain a lot of very significant message history, groups, contacts or document preferences. This indicates that your chat history is still there and available. But you must know that you are not switching mobile phones.

Here we will give friends a tutorial on how to change WhatsApp number without having to delete accounts and chats, so you don’t have to worry about your documents or you have to delete an account and create a new account. It’s not really necessary.

On an important note, before changing your new WhatsApp number, make sure that the number you use later is verified and can receive incoming messages. Because WhatsApp will provide an OTP code or what we know as one time password as a form of security system. So only you can access and know the code that will be sent by message.

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How to change WhatsApp number without deleting account and chat

Here are some of the rules we have summarized for all our friends, namely how to change WhatsApp numbers without deleting accounts and chats:

  • The first thing you do is insert the latest SIM card into the mobile phone that you will use later.
  • Make sure your SIM card is verified and can receive incoming messages. After which you will receive an OTP code via a message on your mobile phone.
  • Then enter the WhatsApp app that you have installed or downloaded
  • Once you have successfully connected to the app, you can see the pop icon with three dots at the top right of the end.
  • Click on the pop icon and several options will appear including: new group, new broadcast, connected devices, started messages and finally settings.
  • Select “settings”, then select the Account option. Where it appears on the top page.
  • Then you can choose ‘Change number’ or ‘Change number’ option.
  • Here you will be asked to enter the old mobile number that you used previously. Enter it in the top space column and also enter the new mobile number that will be the replacement in the bottom box or column.
  • Then click “Next” or “Continue”
  • Here you are given several alternatives to whatsapp, namely you can notify notifications or notifications for all your saved WhatsApp contacts, that you have changed numbers.
  • Choose what you want, if it is then press done.
  • Wait a moment as the OTP code will be sent in your message.
  • You will then be asked to verify your new number and enter your OTP or (One Time Password) code to enter your account.
  • Well, after you’ve managed to do some of the steps above. You can restore or restore conversations on WhatsApp.

For the record or just in case, it’s best to backup all email data first. So that if you delete it, you can easily restore it without losing your old WhatsApp chat.

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This is information on how to change your WhatsApp number without having to delete chats or accounts. It is hoped that this WhatsApp feature will continue to provide interesting developments for users. Good luck.

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