12 Face Washing Mistakes That Make Acne More Fertile
12 Face Washing Mistakes That Make Acne More Fertile

12 Face Washing Mistakes That Make Acne More Fertile

12 Face Washing Mistakes That Make Acne More Fertile
12 Face Washing Mistakes That Make Acne More Fertile

Sehat-Selalu.com Facial hygiene is one of the important factors to avoid acne. Therefore, washing your face is the most ideal thing to clean your face and prevent acne. But it turns out that washing your face regularly is no guarantee that your face will be acne-free. Without realizing it, it turns out to be a lot the mistake when washing the face which actually risks making acne more fertile.

In general, mistakes in washing the face are triggered by the desire to achieve maximum results in a short time. For the frequency to be done too often, how to rub the face excessively or too vigorously, the wrong way to dry the face.

Face wash error

If you feel like you’ve cleaned your face to the max as usual, but pimples still appear or are even worse, the following may be the cause. Here we summarize some face washing mistakes that actually risk causing acne to develop.

1. Don’t wash your hands first

The first mistake in washing your face is not starting with washing your hands first. It is feared that dirty and unwashed hands can transfer germs to the face and trigger acne.

2. Washing with too hot water

For people who have oily and acne-prone skin, the ideal is to clean your face with warm water. However, because the notion of “hot” is very relative, there are some people who use too hot water to wash their face. Water that is too hot can strip the natural oils from the skin, causing the skin to dry out. As a result, the oil glands produce more sebum. Excess oil is what will cause acne.

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3. Wash your face too often with soap

Washing your face regularly is a good habit to avoid acne. However, washing your face too often with soap can actually cause your skin to become dry and trigger acne breakouts. In addition, the chemical content of the soap can cause acne detergents, namely the appearance of acne due to reactions to the chemicals contained in the soap.

4. Using bath soap to wash your face

Most bath soaps are formulated for body skin, not facial skin, which is more sensitive. Bath soaps usually contain higher surfactants which, when used to wash your face, can dry out your skin and trigger acne breakouts. Additionally, washing your face using bath soap also has the potential to disrupt the pH of your facial skin, so the good microorganisms needed to maintain your skin’s immune system are also disrupted.

5. Choosing a face wash that doesn’t suit your skin type

Either one face wash error What is often done is to choose a face wash that is not suitable for your skin type. As a result of using products that are not appropriate, acne is even more fertile. So choose a cleanser or face wash that suits your skin type, i.e. dry skin, oily skin, combination skin or sensitive skin.

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6. Using Excess Scrub Face Wash

Washing your face using exfoliating soap can actually worsen skin conditions that are already acne-prone. Exfoliating soap can prevent skin breakouts, but it is not effective in clearing acne. Because it only works on the surface of the skin, the granules in the exfoliating cream can hurt acne-prone skin and cause irritation, making acne worse.

7. Over-exfoliation

Exfoliating or exfoliating dead skin too often can dry out your skin, which makes it easy for bacteria to multiply on your face. Just exfoliate once or twice a week.

8. Rinsing in a hurry

Rinsing too quickly when washing your face can cause dirt and soap residue to remain on your skin. Rinse well with a few massages on the face area so that the cleaning activity you do is effective in preventing acne.

9. Too much friction

Maybe many people think that the harder you scrub when you wash your face, the easier it will be to remove the dirt from your face. However, this is a wrong assumption. Rubbing your face too hard can irritate the skin and make acne worse.

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10. Rubbing using the towel

After washing your face, you need to pay attention to how to dry your face. Avoid drying your face by rubbing it with a towel. This can cause skin irritation, especially acne-prone skin. Better to let it dry naturally or simply dry it with a towel.

11. Forgot to wash your face before going to bed

A good habit that is often overlooked is to wash your face before going to bed. You must know that the evening before going to bed is the best time to do facial treatments and you must not miss it. Besides being useful for removing dirt or makeup residue, cleansing your face before going to bed also prevents acne-causing bacteria from multiplying at night.

12. Ignore washing your face when you wake up

In addition to washing your face before going to bed, washing your face when you wake up is also an activity that you should not miss. Washing your face when you wake up is helpful for cleaning the excess oil produced by the body when you sleep at night.

Well, that was 12 mistakes when cleaning the face what you should avoid to keep your face acne-free. It may be useful.