1000 Coins Snack Video How much is Rupee?  This is the explanation
1000 Coins Snack Video How much is Rupee? This is the explanation

1000 Coins Snack Video How much is Rupee? This is the explanation

BantenDay.co.id – Many are still confused and want to know more about Coin Snack Video how much rupee. This is evident from the number of Google searches that became a trend some time ago. It is not wrong if many are confused because the number of coins obtained cannot be directly converted into rupees. That is, first you have to convert the currency into rupees.

Snack Video went viral and many were curious when the developer officially released it a few years ago. Even though at that time there was already a similar application namely Tiktok. However, the presence of this short video platform social media app still steals the attention of many smartphone users. Not without reason, in addition to entertaining yourself with unique, funny and interesting video content, you can also upload personal videos to entertain viewers back.

It seems that this is not the only reason why they are struggling to use the app that has been used by more than 100 million Android users. Do you know the main reason? Yes, none other than it can be used as a money making app. Method? There are several commonly used ways to earn money from Snack Video app. But this is not the purpose of our article this time, but the calculation of coins obtained from the application.

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How much is Snack Coins Calculation Formula in Rupees

As a proven money making app, Snack Video uses a coin system as its digital currency. This means that the coins obtained cannot be equated to the value of the rupee, there must be a previous conversion.

Globally, these coins can be earned by inviting friends, watching other people’s short videos, uploading your own videos and also from daily spins. But you have not discussed in detail because we are only focusing on calculating the currencies that are converted to rupees.

In fact, before knowing how many rupee video snack coins are, it is very important to know the conversion of a video snack currency. Since the number is a decimal number, many are confused as to how to calculate it. Here is the formula to know!

  • The formula for video snack currency is Number of coins: 50
  • So for 1 Snack Video Coin = 0.02 Rupees.
  • In order not to be confused, we can take a nominal whole number, so 50 coins = 1 rupee.
  • For other quantities, you can adjust the formula above.

Collection of Video Calculations for Rupee Snack Coins

Still confused by the formula above? We don’t believe it! Because the formula is an absolute thing, so it can be said that the amount obtained is definite with the nominal. In order not to be confused, here we have collected some coin calculations according to the order of the number of coins you get!

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Video snack 100 Koin

How much rupees do you get from 100 video snack coins?

  • 100 coins: 50 = 2 rupees.

Video snack 1000 Koin

How many rupees will you get from a number of coins up to 1000?

  • 1000 coins: 50 = 20 rupees.

5,000 coins

If you have 5000 video snack coins, how many rupees can you get?

  • 5,000 coins: 50 = 100 rupees.

20,000 coins

If you have 20,000 coins, how much can you get in rupees?

  • 20,000 coins: 50 = 400 rupees.

100,000 coins

It can be said that 100 thousand coins is quite a lot and it takes quite a long time. Then how many rupees can be obtained from this amount?

  • 100,000 coins: 50 = 2,000 rupees.

How much is IDR 300,000 Coin Snack Video?

Still using the same formula, how many rupees did you get from the 300 thousand video snack coins?

  • 300,000 coins: 50 = 6000 rupees.

1,000,000 Coin Snack Video How much is Rupee?

Approximately how long does it take to collect 1 million coins? It sure is a long time! However, it also depends on the method of collecting coins. If correct, then it could be quite short. Then the amount and effort put in is proportional to the rupee earned?

  • 1,000,000 coins: 50 = 20,000 rupees.

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From some of the example calculations above, of course you already know and can make estimates if the coins you have are not in the above list. Suppose you have 3 million video snack coins then you can take the final calculation which is 20 thousand rupees for 1 million coins. That means you get 60 thousand rupees from the 3 million coins collected.

It turns out that it is not difficult, no, how to determine and calculate the number of coins you get from the video snack app? As long as you know the formula, you will be able to calculate quickly and accurately using a calculator.


Video snacks are really a reliable alternative to make money online. But you have to be patient and persevere in living it. If you watch the video conversion of snack coins, how many rupees was mentioned above, of course you don’t need an explanation as to why!