10 ways to cancel an order at Orami 2022
10 ways to cancel an order at Orami 2022

10 ways to cancel an order at Orami 2022

How to cancel an order for the newest Orami 2022

How to cancel an order on Orami – In modern times like today, the necessary purchases can be made through e-commerce. There are so many e-commerces that cater to various needs. One of them is Orami. This market itself is a site that offers homeware, beauty, accessories for babies and pregnant women. Just like any other e-commerce, there are those who are looking for ways to cancel orders on Orami.

Initially, this site was called Bilna and only provided products for the needs of babies and pregnant women. Gradually, Bilna added more categories, such as beauty and household needs. Exactly in 2016, this site changed its name to Orami. Interestingly, this site claims to be supported by hundreds of brands and diverse communities of tens of thousands of mothers across Indonesia.

To make a purchase, you must first visit the site. It seems that in addition to browsing the site, you can also make purchases through the app. The Orami app itself is already available on Playstore.

Before discussing how to cancel an order at Orami, you must first know how to place an order there. The method mentioned here is:

How to place an order at Orami

1. Sign in to your Orami account

Before placing an order, you must first log in to your Orami account. If you don’t have an account, you can register first, then log in using the account that was created.

2. Searching for products to buy

The next step is to find the product to buy. Choose products that are really needed at that moment.

3. Making a Purchase

If the desired item is suitable, then you can immediately click “buy” and follow the process. However, if you still need to think about it, you can add it to your cart first. So that it is easy to find again later.

4. Fill in the shipping address

You will usually be asked to fill in the shipping address, in the form of name, phone number, full address and so on. In addition, you will be asked to choose a delivery method and a payment method.

To process your order, click Process Order and record your order number and make payment if you choose to pay by bank transfer. However, if you choose a credit card payment method and the like, it will be processed automatically.

How to cancel an order on Orami

There are several reasons why someone would look for how to cancel an order on Orami. For example, the package was packed too much, there was an error in the order, and so on. Therefore, it is important to know how to cancel an order.

1. Click on My Order

The first way to cancel is to click on my order. Of course, you must be logged in to the account you have to view the order.

2. Cancel the order

If you clicked on my order, a series of orders that have been placed will appear. You can click on one of the orders to be canceled. There will usually be a column showing the status of the order. If the status is still pending or has not made a payment, you can cancel it immediately.

In this way of canceling an order at Orami, you will be asked to provide a reason for cancellation. Some of these reasons are usually because of the wrong order, wanting to add an order, and so on. Click on one of the reasons and wait for the cancellation process to complete.

Some conditions for canceling orders on Orami

In order to be approved for the order cancellation process, of course it must be in accordance with the provisions of Orami itself. If it turns out that you want to cancel the order, but you do not meet the conditions, it will not be approved.

1. Unpaid order

The first condition for the cancellation process to be approved by Orami is that the order has not been paid for. Usually, when the order has not been paid, it will be in the waiting section for the order to be paid. Well, in addition to canceling the order, you can add or modify the order directly.

2. Made an order error

How to cancel an order on Orami is very easy, like canceling in other e-commerce. But first you need to be aware of a few things. If there is an error in your order, such as wanting to order a different color or size, you can request a cancellation. Provided the order has not been paid for.

The order cancellation approval process does not take long. If compliant, the refund will go immediately to the account number you used for the previous payment process.

3. Unverified payments

Another condition that can occur when you want to cancel an order is that the payment has not been verified. If the payment has not been verified, a cancellation request email will appear. If it turns out that you’ve made a payment and you’re still in the waiting phase, it’s best to contact customer service directly.

When you really want to proceed with a purchase, you can take it directly to customer service. If you want to cancel, you can send it immediately. Because in this position, your order has not been confirmed and has not been sent. So, most likely it can be canceled. How to cancel an order on Orami is very easy for anyone to do.

4. Orders do not comply with the Orami Terms

Finally, cancellation can be done if your order does not meet the Orami terms and conditions. There will usually be a review of such orders. However, really, for orders like this it is very rare to find. Because, it’s very rare and can’t just be canceled.

Cancellation of a paid order on Orami

There are many questions that arise, one of which is how to cancel an order that has been paid for? The answer, of course, is no. Orami’s own side explicitly states in the FAQ that paid orders cannot be canceled as they have entered the shipping stage.

In this way, the way to cancel an order on Orami can only be canceled if the order is still in the payment process and the payment is not verified. However, if the order is not verified, then you should contact customer service directly.

How is the refund process for order cancellation at Orami?

If you have canceled your order, there will be a refund made by Orami. Refunds will only be made if the canceled order has been approved.

You will receive your own refund according to the payment method that was used when placing the order. The repayment period itself depends on the payment method made. For the automatic period, usually only virtual account payment methods, OVO and bank transfers. Meanwhile, for other payment methods, the period is up to 14 working days.

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These are some things about how to cancel an order on Orami. Orami itself is one of the e-commerce that has been around for a long time. Where to place an order here you must first become a member.

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