10 Best Library Apps on Android Smartphone
10 Best Library Apps on Android Smartphone

10 Best Library Apps on Android Smartphone

10 Best Library Apps on Android Smartphones – For now, almost anything can be done online. Including reading activities. It is? Where, relying on the best library apps, you can read whenever and wherever you want.

Interesting isn’t it? So it is a big mistake if people think that technology is only about pleasure stuff without any benefit in it. In fact, the impact of good and bad technology depends on how you use it.

If it is used for reading, of course it will be very good, right? Well, for those of you who want to read digitally, read anything, you can take advantage of this app model. For those curious, you can check out some of the recommendations below.

The best library app

The following are some apps worth considering. Later, choose only according to your needs. You can even use more than two apps. There is no minimum limit on the number of applications that can be used.

The important thing is that your phone’s storage space is enough to accommodate all these apps. So, you don’t have to bother going to the library just to read a multitude of books. Just take advantage of this sample application. Okay, instead of being curious, it’s better to immediately refer to the following recommendations.


For the first recommendation is Ipusnas. Where, this application belongs to the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, yes. The government or management is cooperating with Aksaramaya in launching this application. You can make the most of Ipusnas.

Whenever and wherever you want. There are many interesting features in it that are worth taking advantage of. One of them is its social networking features. With this feature, all ipusnas users can communicate by interacting with all ipusnas users as well.

Then there are other features that are no less cool. This is the library. With this feature, you can become a member of many digital libraries.

How about this, it’s very interesting, isn’t it? There is also a feed function. The feed feature itself can be used when you want to monitor the activities of other users. And many other interesting features. If you are curious, you can directly download ipusnas right now.


If the first best library app is an app issued by the Indonesian government, then this app is an app issued by the DKI Jakarta Library and Archives Service, as the name suggests. There are similarities between the ijakarta app and the previous app.

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One of them is from the features. The similarity of features is in the features of social networks. So, really cool, right? Because with this filter you can actually make new friends, then have a discussion about the books you’ve read. In addition to increasing knowledge, you also add experience, right?

Other features that can also be found in this app are streams, then e-libraries, e-books and others. For those who are interested in this single app, you can download and use the app right now.


For the wife app, this is an app that can be used by anyone, especially students. Santris which are often identified with antiquity have proved their existence, that they are not ancient. With the presence of this app, students will find it very helpful.

Because they can read whenever and wherever they want. Isantri itself is an application developed by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

You can read books or borrow books very easily. It also has a variety of interesting interesting features, no less good than previous applications. Like features for book lending, streams, readers and more. Let’s now learn many things from wife app.


The next best recommendation for library apps is anybooks. Which, if we interpret it, probably means whatever the book is. Yes, this shows that anybooks has a multitude of collections that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Whatever kind of reading you want, then it never hurts to use this app. Because in it you can find a multitude of books according to your needs. Starting from the horror genre, then romance, biography, history and others.

Not only that, this app even has a dictionary that can help you increase your English vocabulary.

How about that, cool, huh? With anybooks, you can read books anytime, anywhere. In addition, there is also a review function. Where, you can review the book you have read. If you are interested in any books, please download the app now.


In the meantime, the following recommendation is proposed. This application is an application developed by Gramedia Digital Nusantara. Surely you know and have heard of the name Eperpus? Or do you need to know Gramedia already?

For the lovers of Gramedia papers or writings, then this app is the most suitable choice for you. Because app members can read books. Not only that, members can even borrow the books they want.

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Can borrow and read newspapers and digital as well. Whenever you want, please borrow and read the collections that suit your needs and desires.

In addition to providing reading materials published by Gramedia, there are also many articles published by other publishers. Like Mizan, Elex Media Komputindo and others. Are you interested in using it? Just download the app now. It’s free.


Like some of the apps above, this library is also a free-to-use app. For those of you who like to read books, it seems mandatory to consider the existence of this app. Because in it there is a multitude of e-books that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Then just choose the category that suits you. You can borrow it. Then with the many features in it, it allows you to find many favorite book titles according to your wishes and preferences. Let’s download the app right now and read the collections in it.


Who doesn’t know Wattpad these days? It seems that almost everyone is familiar with this application. And it is not surprising. Because there are really a multitude of advantages that make it much liked by people.

Especially by those who like to read novels. Because really, there are a lot of interesting novels in it. You can’t even just use the Wattpad app when you just want to read a book. But it also allows you to write your own novel.

Counting can make writing practice, right? And the good news again, when you write here, you can earn extra income, which is quite interesting.

For those who are interested in the world of writing, you can learn how to earn from this app. Don’t worry because there are so many people discussing the tutorial. And this is your time to read as well as write. And make a lot of profit.

The library at hand

The next best library app recommendation is the handy library. This app allows you to scan the isbn of a book, then get information about the book. Not only that, even after scanning the isbn, you can borrow or read it.

How about that, cool, huh? It has many interesting features that can be used. Just take advantage of all the features that are in it.

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Even the most interesting thing is that it is already supported by many languages. In fact, there are more than 10 languages. Starting from England, then Turkey, to Indonesia of course. For free, just download the app now. When can you read books online, but only?

Electronic textbook

For other applications worth using are electronic textbooks. This best library app is a must have app on your mobile phone. Because it can really be used by those of you who already have children or have grandchildren of school age.

Because in it there are a multitude of digital school books that can be accessed. The format of the book is pdf. Now, for the number, there are more than 5000 books. A lot, right? Starting from 2016 or 2013 curriculum books.

Completely. Not only that, there are even books on Islamic knowledge, English, Sundanese and others. Not only that, this app even has an offline dictionary that can be accessed. How about this, it’s very interesting, isn’t it?

Islamic Library App

The last recommendation is the Islamic library app. From the name, you must have guessed that it is a very suitable application for Muslims. Because they provide reading material that smacks of religion.

For those of you who want to read and study religion but don’t have the resources to buy religious books, we recommend using this app. Because it contains a large collection of Islamic books that are quite complete.

Starting with the interpretation of Ibnu Katsir, then there is the Quran, there is the jalalain interpretation, a dictionary, a halal food guide, a book of authentic Muslim hadith and others.

Apart from offering a large collection of the best religious books, there are also many interesting features that you can access. For Muslims, we recommend downloading this app. It’s not bad, you can learn religion from anywhere and anytime.

Okay, those are some of our app recommendations. You can use multiple apps if needed. If you really want to use more than two apps, you can do that if possible. Because that depends on your phone’s storage capacity.

If there is still plenty of storage space, we recommend using more than three apps. Because every application is different. Different looks, different features, different collections also have collections. So please choose. I hope this is useful, I hope it helps, and what is clear is good luck.