10 Best Diary Apps for PC
10 Best Diary Apps for PC

10 Best Diary Apps for PC

10 Best Diary Apps for PC – Until then, there are plenty of typical people. Ranging from people who like to find lots of interesting ideas, to people who need to take notes. And what is clear is that not a few people need to put their ideas into writing.

This is to remember and can be seen again. Whether it is to remember or just to achieve. Well, if you are one of them, you can use the best diary app for PC. Which, with the help of this model application you can record everything easily and quickly.

Interesting isn’t it? Okay, for those who are curious, you can directly download and use the following apps.

log app


The first recommended journaling app for the best PC is Glimpses. This app is a suitable app for Windows users. Because in addition to touching a variety of interesting features, you can also use them for free.

Although the base is free to use, this app is still no less good than other paid apps.

And he is the right choice to pour all your interesting stories. It looks minimalistic, easy to use and very attractive. While taking notes, you can add sound, images and more.

Paper Street Journal

The next recommendation is a street newspaper. This app is also included in one of the best apps which is a shame to miss. You can use it not only on your computer but also on your mobile phone.

For using Windows, you can use Windows 10, yes. You can also use it for free. And now, it is supported with two types of text input with images. Afterwards, the notes that have been made can be archived using the format that suits your needs and desires.

The display is also good. Yes, the app provided great security features. So that all your notes are safe if they are in it. Because only those who know the code or password can open it. Interesting isn’t it?

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So far, it is still one of the best diary apps for PC that is very busy used by the wider community. This is apparently because there are a multitude of interesting features in it. Not only that, the look is also ready to make you feel at home for a long time in it.

You can use it anytime and anywhere. You can make this a basic app if you want to record something.

It has many platforms to choose from, then it can also be used for free. It was also supported with video, image, audio, pdf and other files. If you want to use it, it is also quite easy and fast. So, are you sure you’re not interested in using Evernote?


The next best journaling app for PC is Journal. This app has a minimalistic design and look. And ready to host all your cool ideas. And if you pay attention, it looks a little like a peep.

So the features in it are also somewhat similar. This app is a paid app. But before you decide to use it, you can really use a trial period that you can use for free.

This trial period or free use is available for 10 days. If you feel bad, then decide whether to use it or not. This app has been supported and integrated with many things. So it is very nice to use.

You can add photos, videos, files, or anything else to the notes you create. Even more interesting, you can give value for the day you lived. How are you, very interesting isn’t it?

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Next is the idailydiary app. Just from the name, you can guess and find out if it is a notes related app, yes. Its name is also a diary app. Just like the previous apps, this daily diary is also one of the best apps that you can use.

By using it, there are many advantages to be found. Even more so compared to notes that use paper or books.

Now, taking notes online, you can write, then export them in html format. Then, digital recordings are also included in notes classified as safe and interesting. In it there are a multitude of interesting features that can be used.

Bloom Journal

For the following app recommendation the best note for computer is flower diary. Like the previous app, there is a log element in the app name. Well, this cool app is also ready to help you record all the important moments in life.

You can write down the interesting things in life, you can write down what makes you happy and so on. In fact, you can actually see your future life goals, experiences, what you are thinking and so on.

Its cool and attractive appearance makes it very pleasant to use. So it never hurts to try this app. It also includes a variety of good features. One of them is the editing function.

Which with this feature there are many text formatting options that can be used. Then there is also a search function. Which, with this search feature, helps you search for writings or notes that have been made.

The story of my life

Story of my life, or the application of the story in my life, is an application that is also very epic when you want to capture every precious moment of it. You can easily add photos and more.

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Then there’s also a search feature that lets you search for posts you’ve written. In addition, there are many other interesting features that can be tried. One of them is the bucket list feature. Not only that, with it you can also backup your notes to OneDrive.

And there are a lot of other features. For those who are interested in using this app, you can just download the app right now.

Digital journal

For those who like to record things online, you can try the digital diary app. As with other best diary apps for PC, you can really give this app a try.

Because it allows you to add images and use color coding to identify calendars easily and quickly. Developers create their app very well. Because it looks good. You can use it for free.

And for now, this app has been supported with password feature. Which allows you to create using writing or notes using a password. This is to be safe. Additionally, you can add audio notes. Its free usage makes you patient with scattered ads.


Another recommendation is journalists. This application can be used when you want to record all the activities using an artistic style and you can also draw them in sketch form, quickly and easily. This means you can create stories with interesting images.


While the last best diary app for pc is travel. This app has a simple and clean look. It’s really good anyway. Unfortunately, it is not an app that can be accessed for free. And now it is compatible with windows, android, mac, ios and more.

Here are some of our recommendations. I hope this is useful, I hope it helps.